Astronomy Day 2011 by Female-CASA

AstroDay 2011 by CASA-Pi

AstroDay 2011 by CASA-Pi

Sebagaimana tahun-tahun sebelumnya, CASA selalu memperingati hadirnya salah satu even astronomi bertaraf internasional, yakni Hari Astronomi. Astronomi Day tahun ini jatuh pada Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011. CASA, baik Putra maupun Putri merancang acara khusus yang sengaja dipersembahkan bagi para member dan non-member CASA untuk menyambut Hari Astronomi 2011 ini. Berikut laporan CASA Putri:

May 7th 2011:


The opening of Astronomy day with theme “100 Hours Astronomy” held on May, 7th-11th 2011. More than 100 participants attended this event. It started at 20.30 LT, in Assalaam Famale Hall.  Mr Mutoha AR and his crew came and gave many knowledge about universe and telescope. At the beginning we wanted to observe the star and planet with vixen telescope. But because there is fog, we cannot see anything in the sky. So, Mr AR Sugeng Riyadi, Mrs Sirikit, Mr Adnan, Mr Mutoha and crew told story all about astronomy to the participant. This event finished at 23.30 LT.

May 8th 2011:


The next program was demonstration and the roll out of water rocket in basket ball. It started at 16.00 LT. This roll out carried out royally. Not only the participant, little children  was enthusiastic  for pumping and rolling out the water rocket too. This event bacame the most useful plaything and interesting. It finished at 17.00 LT.

In the night we watched science physic movie .

May 9th 2011:


This day, Astronomy quiz started at 14.00 LT, in Assalaam female hall. The question based from all knowledge that given by Mr AR and Mr Mutoha. The contestant consist of 3 groups.

At 14.00 – 22.00 we  delivered Astronomy and Physic exhibition. It occurs for public. The teachers, the children and the students visited this exhibition. There are all kind of astronomy book, ight spectrum, and practice of kinetik gas theory. In the night more than 20 students came to this exhibition. Indeed,there is not sette for students. They read the books and the other played astronomy software like Stellarium and Starry night. Although just with 1 laptop we studied to guess the stars that outshining in the sky. This exhibition gave big knowledge.

May 10th 2011:


This program was giving prize for the winner. The first winner from group A, the second winner from group B, and the third winner from group C.

May 11th 2011:


The Closing of Asrtonomy Day at 20.00 LT. This event stuffed by Mr AR as the Counsellor of CASA. The program are demonstration and fixing of viven telescope. And finally, Astronomy day this year was closed.


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